The evolution of our model.

In more than twenty years of enormous changes, we have developed a method that is both flexible, global and integrated. These case histories illustrate our know-how.


From 2001 to 2007, we create for the multinational beer company a promotional campaign to support the annual tapping master. In addition to creating the event at the conclusion of each master, as.u.ar. also creates the print and billboard campaigns, creates all the gadgetry and merchandising, and designs all the displays, for an action that remains memorable every year.

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Antares Vision

Great commitment and also satisfaction on the Italian company’s corporate and adv communication, which also sees us signing a major international multi-subject advertising campaign and creating a prestigious company profile, as well as the set-up for an international exhibition.


For the Swiss multinational company, as.u.ar. carries out strategic consulting and a series of activities for the Italian headquarters and the international side: advertising campaign, corporate profile, international presentation, and the creative design of exhibition stands.

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For the Swedish multinational company Swedish Steel SSAB, in the 10 years of cooperation, as.u.ar. realizes advertising campaigns, corporate brochures, exhibition stands and various events. Among them, the most important is definitely the Open Day called “Altoresistential Experiences,” for which in addition to all the set-ups and all the activities, as.u.ar. realizes all the coordinated image and takes care of the total management of the event.

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For six years as.u.ar. in cooperation with Speed Control, realizes an event hosting 15,000 people in 10 days at the Bologna Motor Show. In addition to the organization part, the agency also realizes all video and paper support materials and makes the set-ups.


Dekra, a German multinational company in the automotive sector, devotes itself, among the multitude of services it offers to its market, to road safety with the promotion of driving courses. as.u.ar. realizes an advertising campaign with the intention of exalting the difference between those who train themselves to drive cars and those who approach cars superficially. The goal is to raise awareness among parents of young people to educate them about road safety.


Municipalized of Monza and Brianza, Enerxenia puts out a tender for the creation of a print campaign in the territory.

as.u.ar. wins the tender by a campaign with a very strong visual, a pregnant woman accompanied by a title “We take care of you” that best expresses the idea of taking care of the citizenry by emphasizing the care with which services are delivered by the Milanese company.