Nuove praterie
per aziende in crescita.

We offer strategies capable of taking advantage of market opportunities, and to do this best, we follow our clients closely, every step of the way: partnerships in action.

Un’agenzia di comunicazione a 360°.

We have built more than twenty years of experience thanks to our clients, which is why we are partners, not just suppliers. As an integrated communication agency, we offer every service, starting from strategy, developing all activities in a way that is always coordinated and most efficient, from branding to advertising, web and social, to events and exhibition set-ups.

Founded in 2000 by Marina Toselli and Oliviero Saleri, as.u.ar communication was born to offer all the skills of communication. Thus, our structure gathers the best professionals: art director, copywriter, graphic designer, graphic illustrator, web designer, social manager, event manager. Long and fruitful relationships with big brands and prestigious firms have made us grow fast, so we have developed a partnership with clients, to face together even the most demanding challenges.

Persone e passione.

Una visione, la nostra.

We feel part of the company we work for, offering all the skills of communication, on long-term projects and collaborations, because today and even more so in the future, communication is a constant and coordinated work in all activities.

Il tuo partner per il successo.

Over the years we have created a working process that brings great satisfaction: each activity is designed to achieve the best results, operating far beyond the usual patterns and relationships between agency and company. We always function in tune with the client, like an in-house communication department. Those who work with us know our advantages, and the many prolonged collaborations over time confirm that the as.u.ar. method is always highly appreciated.